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Sahaja Yoga, which I started practicing in October 1988, has been a transformative experience. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that with Sahaja, life got on to a markedly more joyous, healthier, peaceful and satisfying trajectory. I have benefited from it in all aspects of my life- family, friends, finances, fellowships and most crucially spiritually. Sahaja has given me the confidence to be spontaneous and open-hearted and unflinchingly believe that there is no alternative in life to being honest, humble and honorable in whatever one does. And above all Sahaja has given me the capacity to differentiate between happiness and joy; between sukh and anand and to have the quest for experiencing Niranand.

I remain eternally grateful and perpetually thankful to Shri Mataji NirmalaDevi for having invented sahaja and taking all the trouble to propagate it so that even people like me who were immersed in the material world could access it.

I am always available at any time for anybody who would want to discuss, clarify and disseminate Sahaja message any where in India or abroad. My principle goal in life is now to spread Her message as far and wider as I can as I firmly believe that Sahaja is the way forward for all those seeking spiritual evolution and achieving Yoga, which in Sanskrit means the union of the Inner Self with the Divine or of the Atman with the Parmatama.

Shastri with his daughter Suman(to his right) and two grandchildren.The author, his wife Nirmala (to Shastri's left), and his daughters Kalpana(extreme left) and Sadhana(extreme right) are calling on the Shastris on the occassion of Diwali.

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